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Guidelines for Poster Presentations, RPGR 2023

Location and schedule

  • Poster sessions will be held at the Siddhartha Exhibition Hall, on 20th November, 2023 (Poster Session-I) and 21st November, 2023 (Poster Session-II) from 14:00 to 15:30 hrs.
  • Presenting authors are required to check the online schedule and put up their posters before 12:00 hrs on the day of the poster session. Posters must be removed after the scheduled session, before 16:30 hrs.

Poster Size and Design

  • Posters must be designed to A0 size (841 x 1189 mm), in Portrait orientation.
  • Authors should make sure that the title, author list and the content correspond to the accepted abstract.
  • Poster number will be displayed on the upper left corner of the poster board. Check the schedule to find your poster number. Necessary material to mount the poster will be made available.
  • Authors are free to choose the design layout. Design the posters keeping the reading sequence in mind. People tend to read left to right and top to bottom.
  • The content should be visible from two meters distance.
  • It is advised to print on a matte finish paper.
  • No printing services will be available on-site.
  • Use QR codes if you would like to provide extra information to attendees.

General guidelines

  • Only registered participants will be allowed to present their posters.
  • Presenting authors must stay with their posters during the entire duration of the session.
  • No audio-visual equipment will be permitted in poster sessions. Cell phones are permitted.


Abstract NoNameScheduleSchedule dayAbs CategoryTitle
ABS015Itum RutiTuesday21 November 2023Synthesis and chemistrySynthesis of reduced Graphene Oxide using Orchid Plant Extract and its application to supercapacitor
ABS017Yaping YangMonday20 November 2023Synthesis and chemistryIn situ manipulation of van der Waals heterostructures for twistronics
ABS019Ravindra KumarTuesday21 November 2023Synthesis and chemistryInvestigating the positive trion in the α-MoO3/MoS2 van der Waals
ABS024Vikash SinghMonday20 November 2023Synthesis and chemistryInstabilities in blistering of 2D materials and the role of the confined matter
ABS033Gaurav BassiTuesday21 November 2023Synthesis and chemistryLarge area controlled growth of PtS2 thin film on various substrates and its application as a broadband photodetector
ABS035Jorit ObenlüneschloßMonday20 November 2023Synthesis and chemistryMoS2 as HER Catalyst: Tuning Material Properties via a New CVD Route
ABS058Umakanta PatraTuesday21 November 2023Synthesis and chemistryLayer by Layer growth of WS2 micro ribbons on monolayer triangle by one step chemical vapor deposition
ABS067Abhijith M BMonday20 November 2023Synthesis and chemistryAliovalent Dopant Engineering in 2D Transition Metal Dichalcogenides
ABS068Rohan ThangarajTuesday21 November 2023Synthesis and chemistrySynthesis and Characterization of 2D Tellurene Flakes for Device Applications
ABS072Meghasree BasuMonday20 November 2023Synthesis and chemistryOptical and Electrical Properties of APCVD-grown WS2 Kirigami and Spiral Nanostructures
ABS075ManabTuesday21 November 2023Synthesis and chemistryFacile synthesis of two-dimensional SnSe2 and SnSe flakes by linear arrangement of the precursor granules
ABS078Asraful HaqueMonday20 November 2023Synthesis and chemistryFree-standing functional oxide membrane through remote epitaxy
ABS109Santhosh DurairajTuesday21 November 2023Synthesis and chemistryScalable transfer of Van der Waals layered materials for hydroelectric nanogenerator application
ABS113Muhammed Sahad EMonday20 November 2023Synthesis and chemistryMultifunction Memristor of Biphasic Ti3C2Tx MXene Thin Film
ABS117Vikas YadavTuesday21 November 2023Synthesis and chemistryDielectric response and transport of water molecules under hydrophilic nanoconfinement in 2D materials
ABS120Navanya RaveendranMonday20 November 2023Synthesis and chemistryTransition Metal as a versatile bifunctional catalyst for the direct growth of graphene/TMD heterostructures
ABS139FlorianTuesday21 November 2023Synthesis and chemistryIntrinsically porous 2D silica via atomic layer deposition as selective membrane: A promising alternative to graphene
ABS142Srikanta PandaMonday20 November 2023Synthesis and chemistryMg-Ni-Graphene based materials with enhanced hydrogen sorption kinetics
ABS145Swetha ChandranTuesday21 November 2023Synthesis and chemistryAn investigation on plasmonic Ag NPs decorated CVD grown monolayer WS2 thin films
ABS147MarlaMonday20 November 2023Synthesis and chemistryGraphene induced shrinkage in B-doped MgH2 unit cell aiding in faster H-release from MgH2-B-rGO nanocomposites
ABS151Sanket KutiyarTuesday21 November 2023Synthesis and chemistrySynthesis of reduced graphene oxide and its role in catalyzing the hydrogenation of Magnesium
ABS157Md SamimMonday20 November 2023Synthesis and chemistryGrowth of thin-film WS2 for solar photovoltaic applications
ABS166Preethu P SatheeshTuesday21 November 2023Synthesis and chemistryMetal-catalyst-free direct CVD growth of graphene on SiO2/Si wafer: Microscopic visualization of structure at Nanoscale
ABS172Gauttam DashMonday20 November 2023Synthesis and chemistrySynthesis of 2D MoSe2-CuxS-CsPBBr3 Tri-layer Hybrid Structure for Broadband Absorbance Material
ABS213Jasveer SinghTuesday21 November 2023Synthesis and chemistrySynthesis & Electrochemical study of Reduced graphene oxide and Cobalt oxide (rGO@Co3O4) nanocomposite for water splitting
ABS223Dhondi PradeepMonday20 November 2023Synthesis and chemistryUnderstanding water and ion transport of different salt solutions via functionalized nanopores in 2D hexagonal boron nitride using molecular dynamics simulations
ABS224Preeti YadavTuesday21 November 2023Synthesis and chemistryHigh Rate Capability Dendrite Free Li -Ion Batteries using Fluorinated Carbon Thin Layers Modified Separators
ABS225Ayushi TyagiMonday20 November 2023Synthesis and chemistrySynthesis of layered MoO3 by liquid precursor method
ABS226Shreya DunganiTuesday21 November 2023Synthesis and chemistryThe synthesis of graphene using gum Arabic by rapid sonication method
ABS236Rayantan SadhukhanMonday20 November 2023Synthesis and chemistryUltra-Low Loaded Platinum Bonded Hexagonal Boron Nitride as Stable Electrocatalyst for Hydrogen Generation
ABS240Ankit Kumar VermaMonday20 November 2023Synthesis and chemistryIn Silico Investigation of 2D Molybdenum Oxide as a Potential Catalyst for Electrochemical Oxygen Evolution
ABS256Santanu KandarTuesday21 November 2023Synthesis and chemistryMolecular beam epitaxy growth and characterization of MoSe2 on Si (111) substrate: The role of growth temperature
ABS260Kamlesh BhatMonday20 November 2023Synthesis and chemistryOptimization of MBE growth parameters for large-area phase-controlled growth of MoTe2 on silicon and investigation of annealing effect on the grain size enhancement
ABS276Ankit Kumar YadavTuesday21 November 2023Synthesis and chemistryImpact of Synthesis parameter on large area monolayer growth of 2H-Phase VS2 for semiconductor device application
ABS279Renjith NadarajanMonday20 November 2023Synthesis and chemistryChemical Vapor Transport Growth of Selenene and its Heterostructures with TMDs
ABS281Vinay Kumar YadavTuesday21 November 2023Synthesis and chemistryUnveiling MoTe2 nanostructures’ properties from luminescence to conductivity
ABS283M RoshniMonday20 November 2023Synthesis and chemistryEnhancement in OER activity using Ni/NiO encapsulated defect-enriched 3D graphene as electrocatalysts
ABS290Deeksha GuptaTuesday21 November 2023Synthesis and chemistrySurface passivation of gallium oxide using organic molecules for solar-blind UV Photodetectors
Abstract NoNameScheduleSchedule DayAbs CategoryTitle
ABS011Vivek KumarMonday20 November 2023Properties (experiment)Fluctuating Fractionalized Spins in Quasi Two-dimensional Magnetic V_(0.85)PS_3.
ABS020Monidipa PramanikTuesday21 November 2023Properties (experiment)Spectroscopic study of the interface interaction between MoS2/Ti3C2Tx MXene heterostructure
ABS022B. Manoj KumarMonday20 November 2023Properties (experiment)Light-induced antidoping effect in Molybdenum di-Sulfide
ABS026Shao-Yu ChenTuesday21 November 2023Properties (experiment)Unveiling Fröhlich Interactions of Rydberg Excitons on Phonon Dynamics in Monolayer Tungsten Diselenide
ABS040Nitin KumarMonday20 November 2023Properties (experiment)Real-Time Reversible Switching of Iron(II) Phthalocyanine on BiAg2 Rashba Surface Alloy with Scanning Tunneling Microscope
ABS044Santu Prasad JanaTuesday21 November 2023Properties (experiment)Role of interface traps on Transport properties and local tunnel spectra in single & few layer MoS2
ABS051Sweta GurungMonday20 November 2023Properties (experiment)Effect of reducing agents and plasmonic nanoparticles on thermal and electrical properties of rGO
ABS055Vineet PandeyTuesday21 November 2023Properties (experiment)Raman signatures of electron-phonon interactions and degree of commensurability in artificially stacked twisted bilayer graphene superlattices
ABS057Faiha MujeebMonday20 November 2023Properties (experiment)Influence of Defects on the Valley Polarization Properties of Monolayer MoS2 Grown by Chemical Vapor Deposition
ABS062Aksa ThomasTuesday21 November 2023Properties (experiment)Fabrication and characterization of multilayer MoS2/WS2 heterostructure for optoelectronics applications
ABS066Mainak MondaMonday20 November 2023Properties (experiment)Optical cascade transition in closely spaced moiré interlayer excitons in hBN encapsulated MoSe2/WSe2 heterostructure
ABS073Suvronil DattaTuesday21 November 2023Properties (experiment)Nonlinear electron transport at integer fillings in TBG/WSe2 heterostructure
ABS074Kaushalya KumariMonday20 November 2023Properties (experiment)Investigating the significance of phonon anharmonicity induced thermal conductivity in Ti3C2Tx MXene
ABS076Suhas K TTuesday21 November 2023Properties (experiment)Rashba Splitting and Valley Polarization in All-inorganic 2D Ruddlesden-Popper Phase Perovskites
ABS077PankajMonday20 November 2023Properties (experiment)Excited state spectroscopy and spin splitting in atomically thin quantum dots
ABS079Prahalad Kanti BarmanTuesday21 November 2023Properties (experiment)Distinguishable Optical Signature in Bilayer AA and AA’ Stacked ReS2: A Comprehensive Study
ABS080Ajit Kumar DashMonday20 November 2023Properties (experiment)Localized defect creation in hBN encapsulated monolayer MoS2 via electron beam irradiation and strain
ABS081Vidyotma YadavTuesday21 November 2023Properties (experiment)Concentration dependent modification of structural and surface electronic properties of GO-hBN nanocomposites
ABS089Suraina GuptaMonday20 November 2023Properties (experiment)Two step resistive transition in Lead-Graphene hybrid system
ABS099Bubunu BiswalTuesday21 November 2023Properties (experiment)Layered semimetal as electrodes for future CMOS based heterogeneous electronics
ABS105Surat LayekMonday20 November 2023Properties (experiment)Probing Topological Chern Transition in TDBG through Berry Curvature Dipole Sign Change: A Comparative Study of ABBA and ABAB Stacked Systems
ABS108Muhammed Shameem K. MTuesday21 November 2023Properties (experiment)Spatially Resolved Photo-Erasing of Covalently Modified Graphene
ABS116Keerthana S KumarMonday20 November 2023Properties (experiment)Towards a comprehensive understanding and tuning of the low energy defect peak in 2D materials
ABS119AMBILITuesday21 November 2023Properties (experiment)Probing Dual Topological Insulator Bi1 Te1 Using Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
ABS125RenuMonday20 November 2023Properties (experiment)Realization of Volatile and Non-Volatile Resistive Switching in MoO2-MoS2 Core Shell Memristor
ABS131Bhumit LuharTuesday21 November 2023Properties (experiment)Photoluminescence modulation in WS2 monolayer interfaced with TiOx - Pt contacts
ABS136Wahidur RahmanMonday20 November 2023Properties (experiment)Direct growth of hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN) films on a non-metallic substrate using the CVD process
ABS141Sraboni DeyTuesday21 November 2023Properties (experiment)Study of substrate-induced strain features in two-dimensional materials for controlling their optoelectronic properties
ABS148Dibyasankar DasMonday20 November 2023Properties (experiment)Valley angular momentum of excitons in bulk 2H-MoS2: evidence from low field magneto-modulated reflectance spectroscopy
ABS153Abhay Anand V STuesday21 November 2023Properties (experiment)Exciton emission engineering in monolayer 2D semiconductors using a nano-electroplating based plasmonic platform
ABS159Kritika GhoshMonday20 November 2023Properties (experiment)Impact of Epitaxial High-κ Dielectric Gd2O3 thin films on Optical Properties of MoSe2 Monolayer
ABS162Yadu ChandranTuesday21 November 2023Properties (experiment)Mitigating the Issues of Mechanical Reliability of CVD grown 2D Materials
ABS167Sagnik ChatterjeeMonday20 November 2023Properties (experiment)A study on Temperature Dependent Spectroscopic Properties of MoS2 Nanoscrolls
ABS168Pragya PrasadTuesday21 November 2023Properties (experiment)Schottky contacts in graphite gated MoS2
ABS178Pritam PalMonday20 November 2023Properties (experiment)Investigation of twisted bilayer graphene using low-frequency 1/f noise
ABS179Saurabh Kumar SrivastavTuesday21 November 2023Properties (experiment)Electric field tunable edge transport in Bernal stacked trilayer graphene
ABS185Arijit KayalMonday20 November 2023Properties (experiment)Substrate-induced non-uniform strain in CVD-grown monolayer MoS2 for enhanced optical and electrical properties
ABS187PALLAVITuesday21 November 2023Properties (experiment)Role of electron-magnon scattering in the quasi-two-dimensional ferromagnet Fe3GeTe2
ABS188KunalMonday20 November 2023Properties (experiment)Evidence for 2D superconductivity in TaSeS
ABS193Md Tarik HossainTuesday21 November 2023Properties (experiment)Room temperature excitonic absorption and visible photoluminescence from CVD-grown two-dimensional bismuth oxyselenide layer on various substrates
ABS199Ranjuna M KMonday20 November 2023Properties (experiment)High Temperature Anomalous Raman and Photoluminescence Response of Molybdenum disulfide with Sulfur Vacancies
ABS202Manoj Kumar KumawatTuesday21 November 2023Properties (experiment)A Novel synthesis technique of BCN and its bandgap modulation
ABS207Santanu MaityMonday20 November 2023Properties (experiment)Effect of Rare Earth element doping in 2D Transition Metal Dichalcogenides
ABS211Simrandeep KaurTuesday21 November 2023Properties (experiment)Electric field induced modification of Landau levels in ABA trilayer graphene.
ABS212Suman Kumar ChakrabortyMonday20 November 2023Properties (experiment)Twist angle driven phonon dynamics in engineered 2D Lateral heterostructures
ABS217Nand KumarTuesday21 November 2023Properties (experiment)Optical properties of MBE grown 2D TMC thin films Investigated by spectroscopic ellipsometry
ABS229Abhilasha BoraMonday20 November 2023Properties (experiment)Modulation of Trion and Biexciton emission in Monolayer WS2 sandwiched between high bandgap ZnO layers: Quantum well vs Doping effect
ABS237Anagha GTuesday21 November 2023Properties (experiment)Evolution of Photoluminescence Spectra in MoS2 Dendritic flake: A Temperature Dependent Study
ABS244Bidisha Priyadarsini JenaMonday20 November 2023Properties (experiment)Phonon anharmonicity and signature of anisotropic behaviour in CVD grown FeTe2 micro and nano crystals
ABS246Manavendra P. SinghTuesday21 November 2023Properties (experiment)Photoluminescence study of freestanding few-layer ReS2
ABS251Mohit Kumar JatMonday20 November 2023Properties (experiment)Higher order Bragg gaps in the electronic band structure of bilayer graphene renormalized by recursive super moiré potential.
ABS254MDTuesday21 November 2023Properties (experiment)Deterministic creation of spectrally isolated quantum-emitters in WS2 using dielectric nanoparticle stressors.
ABS264Pritam DasMonday20 November 2023Properties (experiment)Unveiling the Optical Properties of Anisotropic 2D Materials
ABS267Ujjal RoyTuesday21 November 2023Properties (experiment)Van Der Waals Tunneling Spectroscopy of Twisted Bilayer Graphene(tBLG)
ABS268DarshitMonday20 November 2023Properties (experiment)Twist Angle Dependent Phonon Hybridization in WSe2/WSe2 Homobilayer
ABS277Sebin KariachanTuesday21 November 2023Properties (experiment)Preparation and Characterization of Hybrid GO/ Al2O3 Natural Rubber/Polypropylene Composite
ABS282Rupali VermaMonday20 November 2023Properties (experiment)Physical Insight into the role of Deep Level Defects on the Electric Field Distribution in 2D TMD FETs
ABS285SakshiTuesday21 November 2023Properties (experiment)Defects induced luminescence present in few-layered hexagonal Boron Nitride
ABS286Ayan GhoshMonday20 November 2023Properties (experiment)Enhanced thermopower and large magneto-resistance in compensated electron-hole bands of twisted double bilayer graphene
ABS288Ranit DuttaTuesday21 November 2023Properties (experiment)Electric field tunable superconductivity in near magic- angle twisted bilayer graphene
ABS294Suraj LakhchauraMonday20 November 2023Properties (experiment)Gate Induced Metal-Insulator Transition in 2D Bi2O2Se
ABS300Mary LukoseTuesday21 November 2023Properties (experiment)Synthesis and Characterization of Pure ZnO and 2D: ZnO Nanocomposites & Comparative Analysis of their Properties
Abstract NoNameScheduleSchedule DayAbs CategoryTitle
ABS010Hari Krishna NeupaneMonday20 November 2023Properties (theory)Transport properties of vacancy defected G/h-BN heterostructures
ABS012Mayank SrivastavaTuesday21 November 2023Properties (theory)To study the effect of P-type doping on Janus 2D WSSe Monolayer and its Photo-detecting application.
ABS021Renu SangwanMonday20 November 2023Properties (theory)Effect of Van der Waals Interactions by Ab Initio Methods on the Electronic Properties of 2D Heterostructures
ABS030Pushpendra Kumar YadavTuesday21 November 2023Properties (theory)Temperature dependent optical absorption and emission mediated by exciton-phonon interaction in 2D materials
ABS032Disha AroraMonday20 November 2023Properties (theory)Interference effects in polarization-controlled Rayleigh scattering in twisted bilayer graphene
ABS034Deepanshu AggarwalTuesday21 November 2023Properties (theory)Moir\'{e} fractals in twisted graphene layers
ABS037Harsh VarshneyMonday20 November 2023Properties (theory)Quantum Kinetic theory of nonlinear thermal current
ABS043Sajjan SheoranTuesday21 November 2023Properties (theory)Emergence of Cubic Ordered Persistent Spin Textures in Expanded Brillouin Zone Regions
ABS045Arneet KaurMonday20 November 2023Properties (theory)Correlation between strain tunable piezoelectricity and Rashba effect in flexible Janus Ga2Ge2XY (X, Y = S, Se, and Te) monolayers with high carrier mobility
ABS085Sreejani KarmakarTuesday21 November 2023Properties (theory)g-B3C2N3: A new potential two-dimensional metal-free photocatalyst for overall water splitting
ABS086Koushik Ranjan DasMonday20 November 2023Properties (theory)Asymmetric Electronic Transport in Porphine: Role of Atomically Precise Tip-Electrode
ABS092Partha Sarathi BanerjeeTuesday21 November 2023Properties (theory)Scattering of Massless Dirac Fermions from Quantum Dot Lattice
ABS097Shneha BiswasMonday20 November 2023Properties (theory)Valley polarization in a two-dimensional borocarbonitride system: A GW plus BSE study
ABS112Nadia SultanaTuesday21 November 2023Properties (theory)Effect of interlayer stacking arrangement on field-induced electronic structure modulation of graphene thin films
ABS121Anu AroraMonday20 November 2023Properties (theory)Negative piezoelectricity and enhanced electrical conductivity at the interfaces of 2D dialkali oxide and chalcogenide monolayers
ABS123Fathima I STuesday21 November 2023Properties (theory)Valley Hall effect in graphene-like SnX (X=Si, Ge) buckled monolayers with high charge carrier mobility
ABS132Mina MaruyamaMonday20 November 2023Properties (theory)Carrier distribution in bilayer lateral heterosheets of MoS2 and WS2 under an external electric field
ABS140Amrendra KumarTuesday21 November 2023Properties (theory)Adsorption of CO2 and SO2 Molecules on Pristine and Cr Substituted CAs3 Monolayer: A First-Principles Study
ABS149Ruman MoulikMonday20 November 2023Properties (theory)Accelerated Neural Network Training through Dimensionality Reduction for High Throughput Screening of Topological Materials
ABS176Maneesh Kumar MTuesday21 November 2023Properties (theory)Band geometry induced linear electrooptic effect
ABS180Arkajyoti MaityMonday20 November 2023Properties (theory)Controlling valley polarization and non-linear responses in graphene via sub-cycle THz light
ABS186Zimmi SinghTuesday21 November 2023Properties (theory)A first-principles study of structure-mechanical property relationships for H-VS2, a two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenide for emerging applications
ABS190Anju RajanMonday20 November 2023Properties (theory)Computational Modeling of Janus SnSSe as a material for NO, NO2 and NH3 gas sensing.
ABS197Manasa G BTuesday21 November 2023Properties (theory)Pressure Induced Oscillating Band-gap Variation in KBaTeSbO6 : Towards Transparent Solar Cell
ABS203Abhijeet DasMonday20 November 2023Properties (theory)Fractal geometrical approach to probe the complex roughening dynamics and wettability mechanism in 2D-MoS2 nanostructured surfaces
ABS214Priyanka .Tuesday21 November 2023Properties (theory)Simultaneously effect of hydrostatic pressure and impurity on entropy and heat capacity of double quantum wire
ABS216Robin BajajMonday20 November 2023Properties (theory)Absoprtion and Photoluminiscense spectra of bilayer MoS_2 using non-diagonal supercell approach
ABS228Anjana E SudheerTuesday21 November 2023Properties (theory)DFT Insight into the Photocatalytic Properties of PtSSe-Se vdW Heterostructure
ABS230Tejaswini GollaMonday20 November 2023Properties (theory)A first-principles study on the CdS-Te van der Waals heterostructure for Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production
ABS231Naresh BahadurshaTuesday21 November 2023Properties (theory)Comparative Performance Analysis of 2D Molybdenum Di Chalcogenides for Electrode Design of EDL Supercapacitor A DFT Perspective
ABS235Sanjay SarkarMonday20 November 2023Properties (theory)Resonant bulk photogalvanic effect in centrosymmetric metals
ABS253Rahul KundaraTuesday21 November 2023Properties (theory)Performance optimization of CsSnI3-based Perovskite Solar Cells with diverse ETLs and HTLs by using SCAPS-1D
ABS265Susmita JanaMonday20 November 2023Properties (theory)Spontaneous Dumbbell Formations Via Surface Functionalization Of C3N Monolayer With Versatile Electronic And Mechanical Properties
ABS270Madhurita DasTuesday21 November 2023Properties (theory)Evolution of the electronic structure in twisted bilayers of Boron Nitride
ABS273Arijit MandalMonday20 November 2023Properties (theory)Topological Hall Effect in Skyrmion Crystals with Rashba and Dresselhaus Interaction
ABS293Koushik GhoraiTuesday21 November 2023Properties (theory)Nonlinear Valley Hall Effect
ABS296Ritam ChakrabortyMonday20 November 2023Properties (theory)On-surface Isomerisation of a Natural Dye Molecule Within 1D Coordination Polymer
ABS384Sujith N STuesday21 November 2023Properties (theory)Electrically induced Topological Insulator phase in 2D materials
Ashita Jose SMonday20 November 2023Properties (theory)First-principles study of Adsorption on Cu/MoS2 hybrid surface
Bhuvaneswari RTuesday21 November 2023Properties (theory)Semiconductor to Metal transition in layered γ-Phosphorene
Abstract No NameScheduleSchedule DayAbstract TitleAbstract Category
ABS042Min Sup ChoiMonday20 November 2023Dual-gating effects of MoS2 FETs with semimetal contactsApplications and devices
ABS050Chinmayee Chowde GowdaTuesday21 November 2023Magnetic behavior of two-dimensional Manganese TellurideApplications and devices
ABS054BanavathMonday20 November 20232D-Transistion metals dichalcogenides for low power Transistor and Memtransistor device applicationsApplications and devices
ABS056Suman RoyTuesday21 November 2023Analog and Digital resistive states in ion irradiated BiFeO3 Artificial Synapse for neuromorphic computing applicationsApplications and devices
ABS069Anyesha ChakrabortyMonday20 November 2023Ultrasensitive Electrochemical Sensing of Dopamine using 2D-CoTe2Applications and devices
ABS070Didhiti BhattacharyaTuesday21 November 2023Two-dimensional MoxW1-xS2 alloys for nanogenerators producing record piezo-output and coupled photodetectors for self-powered UV SensorApplications and devices
ABS087Amal KishoreMonday20 November 2023Unconventional Anisotropy in Excitonic Properties and Carrier Mobility in Iodine-Based XTeI (X = Ga, In) Monolayers for Visible-Light Photocatalytic Water SplittingApplications and devices
ABS088Harshita SeksariaTuesday21 November 2023Hexagonal and tetragonal ScX (X=P, As, Sb) nanosheets for optoelectronics and straintronicsApplications and devices
ABS090Saroj PoudyalMonday20 November 2023Self-biased photodetector based on ReS2Applications and devices
ABS094Shubhrasish MukherjeeTuesday21 November 2023Ultra-Sensitive Broadband Photodetection Based on Graphene –TMDC Hybrid PhototransistorsApplications and devices
ABS095Nabarun MandalMonday20 November 2023Dual-Wavelength Amplified Spontaneous Emission from Interface Engineered Polymer Films using Atomically Thin Red CoralApplications and devices
ABS096Lavudya DevendarTuesday21 November 2023Electromechanical Study on 2D Materials: The Role of Interfacial WaterApplications and devices
ABS098Puranjay SahaMonday20 November 2023Two-Dimensional MoS2 Thin Film Memristor for Edge Computation, Logic Operations, and Neuromorphic ComputingApplications and devices
ABS101Priyanka SamantaTuesday21 November 2023Study of Superconducting Josephson Junctions with a Few Layer Thick Anti Ferromagnetic InsulatorApplications and devices
ABS102Sandaap SathyanarayanaMonday20 November 2023Ultra Sensitive Photodetector Using CsPbBr3 MonocrystalApplications and devices
ABS118Karthik RTuesday21 November 2023Energy harvesting from Radio waves using few-layer 2D galena (galenene)Applications and devices
ABS122SandeepMonday20 November 2023Inkjet-printed transistors with two-dimensional semiconductorsApplications and devices
ABS126PralekhTuesday21 November 2023Diamond quantum sensors for nano-magnetometry of magnetic 2D-materialsApplications and devices
ABS128Arvind KaushikMonday20 November 2023MoS2 nanosheets-Ag nanocomposite SERS substrate with ultrasensitive detectionApplications and devices
ABS129Shrushti TaparTuesday21 November 2023Valley-index directed thermo-power channels in gate-tunable graphene devicesApplications and devices
ABS130Yathirajulu PriyajananiMonday20 November 2023Performance of P and S-doped functionalized carbon nanofibers for supercapacitor applicationApplications and devices
ABS138Sneha SenapatiTuesday21 November 2023Development of highly flexible and cost-effective cello tape-based surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) substrate for rapid detection of ultralow concentration of pesticides.Applications and devices
ABS161Shubhadip MoulickMonday20 November 2023Sensing remote bulk substrate defects via low frequency resistance noise in large area graphene field effect transistorApplications and devices
ABS181Rohit ThakurTuesday21 November 2023Solution-processed 2D materials on paper substrates for photodetection and photomechanical applicationsApplications and devices
ABS183Soly MathewMonday20 November 2023A Flexible Pressure Sensor with GO/ZnO/PDMS composite dielectric for e-skin applicationsApplications and devices
ABS189Preeti Lata MahapatraTuesday21 November 2023Energy Harvesting Using Two-Dimensional (2D) d-Silicates from Abundant Natural MineralsApplications and devices
ABS191Annu Anns SunnyMonday20 November 2023Scalable Van der Waals Josephson JunctionsApplications and devices
ABS192Sreevidya NarayananTuesday21 November 2023Transient behaviour of vortices on highly fragile 2D superconducting & Bose metal states on MoS2Applications and devices
ABS198Srusti RMonday20 November 2023Unraveling Interband Scattering Across the Lifshitz Transition in WTe2Applications and devices
ABS200Meghana NTuesday21 November 2023Observation of humidity sensing properties of Hafnium Oxide Nanocrystals synthesized by precipitation techniqueApplications and devices
ABS204Km. KomalMonday20 November 2023Two-dimensional (2D) hBN-SnO2 based flexible memory device for resistive switching applicationApplications and devices
ABS208Piyush ChoudharyTuesday21 November 2023Graphene-VS2 Quantum dot Heterostructure fabrication and its Optoelectronic PropertiesApplications and devices
ABS210Lakshmi R PanickerMonday20 November 2023Wearable Minimally invasive Electrochemical Microneedle Sensor for Continuous Monitoring of Vital Neurotransmitter SerotoninApplications and devices
ABS218Subhankar DebnathTuesday21 November 2023Advances in Printed Technology for a Highly Responsive GaAs-MoSe2 Heterostructure Photodetector Enabling UV to NIR PhotodetectionApplications and devices
ABS227Shilpa RanaMonday20 November 2023Chemically modify rGO nanosheets based triboelectric nanogenerator for powering portable electronics.Applications and devices
ABS234Vanmathi RavichandranTuesday21 November 2023Functionalized h-BN Nanosheets based Thermal Interface Materials for Effective Heat ManagementApplications and devices
ABS238Vishal SinghMonday20 November 2023Effect of Triboelectric layer materials on PVDF-MoSe2 nanofiber Based TENG for efficient mechanical energy harvestingApplications and devices
ABS250Keerthanaa M RTuesday21 November 2023Wearable Electrochemical Microneedle Sensor for Continuous Monitoring of Neurotransmitter DopamineApplications and devices
ABS252Harsimran Kaur MannMonday20 November 2023Controlled photodoping of grapheneApplications and devices
ABS255Sumit SharmaTuesday21 November 2023Layered MoSe2 field effect transistor biosensor for real-time hydrogen sulphide monitoring in human serumApplications and devices
ABS257Shaili SettMonday20 November 2023Capacitive amplification in a graphene-van der Waals field-effect transistor through moire polarized domainsApplications and devices
ABS271Biswajeet NayakTuesday21 November 2023Growth of 2D Lateral Heterostructure via controlled Edged-Epitaxy and their Device CharacteristicsApplications and devices
ABS272Dipak MaityMonday20 November 2023Large Area CVD Grown MoS2 Monolayers based Fast Transistors and Engineering the Schottky Barrier using Doped Metallic MoS2Applications and devices
ABS275ManishaTuesday21 November 2023Enhancing the Memristive and Synaptic functionality in CVD grown MoS2 devices through Defect Engineering for Neuromorphic applicationsApplications and devices
ABS280Sushree Sangita PriyadarsiniMonday20 November 2023Scalable high energy density supercapatteries with additive-free and rheology tunable MXene inksApplications and devices
ABS287Navkiranjot Kaur GillTuesday21 November 2023Fabrication of near-parallel twisted homo-bilayers of transition metal dichalcogenides for novel ferroelectric and opto-electronic applicationsApplications and devices
ABS295Pritha DuttaMonday20 November 2023Highly-Stable Poly(o-methoxyaniline)/WO3-Nanoflower Composite-Based Electrochromic Supercapacitors with Real-Time Charge IndicationApplications and devices
ABS298Rahuldeb RoyTuesday21 November 2023Interlayer Water of Tungsten Oxides Unlocks the Jahn-Teller Distortion to Boost the Performance of Aqueous Electrochromic BatteryApplications and devices
ABS299Manodipan SahooMonday20 November 2023Low-Cost Fabrication of MoS2 Nanosheet Biosensor for Glucose DetectionApplications and devices
ABS301Divya SahaniTuesday21 November 2023Observation of the Time-Reversal Symmetric Hall Effect in Graphene–WSe2 Heterostructures at Room TemperatureApplications and devices
ABS387Subhabrata DasMonday20 November 2023Cobalt/Nitrogen-Doped Graphene-based Self-Powered Durable Flexible Sensor for Human Respiratory DiagnosisApplications and devices
ABS353Sreekant AnilTuesday21 November 2023 Tuning Monolayer MoS2 for Valleytronics ApplicationsApplications and devices
Abstract NoNameScheduleSchedule dayAbs categoryTitle
ABS303Srest SomayMonday20 November 2023Properties (theory)Charge Trapping Character of 2D Grain boundaries
ABS305Mukesh PandeyTuesday21 November 2023Synthesis and chemistryElectron beam irradiation induced giant and dense domes of 2D material monolayers
ABS307Viney GhaiMonday20 November 2023Properties (experiment)Tailored Graphene-Polymer Composites with Enhanced Thermal, Electrical, and Antibacterial Properties via Magnetic Field Alignment
ABS309Prarena JamwalTuesday21 November 2023Properties (theory)Tailoring electronic properties and work function of monolayer plumbene by substitutional doping and biaxial strain
ABS313Surabhi MenonMonday20 November 2023Properties (theory)2D Heterostructure: Tuning electronic and magnetic properties of Graphene/1T-CrTe2
ABS315Suprovat GhoshTuesday21 November 2023Applications and devicesZero Bias Broadband Room Temperature Terahertz Detection using Arsenic Telluride (α-AS2Te3) Layered Material
ABS316Senthil Kumar EswaranMonday20 November 2023Properties (experiment)Probing Thickness Dependent Nanoscale Elastic-Stiffening of Atomically-Thin CVD Grown MoS2 Films Using Atomic Force Acoustic Microscope
ABS325Ashish OmarTuesday21 November 2023Synthesis and chemistryAdvances in Hydrothermal Synthesis: Unveiling the Unique Structural and Morphological Traits of MoS2 and MoS2/rGO
ABS328Devang AnadkatMonday20 November 2023Synthesis and chemistryA qualitative study of defects with sonication hours in a few layers of graphene
ABS329Kritika BhattacharyaTuesday21 November 2023Applications and devicesExploration of Electrical and Photodetection Characteristics of WS2 /p-Ge Heterojunction Diode
ABS330Seoung-Ki LeeMonday20 November 2023Applications and devicesLaser-assisted Synthesis of MoS2 for Direct Formation of Sensor Array on Stretchable Substrate
ABS333Vivek DeyTuesday21 November 2023Properties (theory)Modeling of brain-like temporal correlation in Ag-hBN platform
ABS335Sujan MaityMonday20 November 2023Properties (experiment)Signature of Proximity-induced Magnetic ordering in van der Waals Stacking
ABS336Satyabrata BeraTuesday21 November 2023Applications and devicesUnraveling Spin Reorientation Transition and Anomalous Hall Effect in the Topological Quasi-2D vdW Ferromagnet Fe4GeTe2
ABS337Anil PandyaMonday20 November 2023Applications and devicesThermal sensitivity of flexible thin film sensor based on 2D graphene traces
ABS338Abimannan SethurajaperumalTuesday21 November 2023Synthesis and chemistryDoes Ultrasound Break Covalent Bonds in Graphite/Graphene?
ABS339Amit VashistMonday20 November 2023Properties (experiment)Magnetic phase transitions in topological insulator Sb doped MnBi2Te4 probed by nanomechanical resonators
ABS340Nahid ChaudharyTuesday21 November 2023Synthesis and chemistryArchitectural design of flexible and transparent photodetector via layer transfer technique based on MBE grown MoTe2 nanosheets
ABS341Pooja AgarwalMonday20 November 2023Properties (experiment)Correlation between Edge and bulk states in Quantum Hall system probe by Non local measurement
ABS342BedantaTuesday21 November 2023Properties (experiment)Anisotropic Nonradiative Recombination of Carriers in a Few-Layered MoS2 probed by Mid-IR Ultrafast Spectroscopy
ABS343Gokul M. AnilkumarMonday20 November 2023Properties (experiment)Role of strain in the defect migrations in MoS2
ABS344shilpa MTuesday21 November 2023Properties (experiment)Ultrafast mid-IR pump probe spectroscopy for studying carrier dynamics in few layered heterostructures
ABS345Jyotika NandaMonday20 November 2023Properties (experiment)Unveiling Directional Exciton Transport in Monolayer MoS2-WS2 Lateral Heterostructure via in-situ Laser Irradiation
QuRP-RPGR-S-2312Priyanka B MTuesday21 November 2023Quantum Research ParkElectrical characteristics of g-C3N4 nanomaterial based hybrid devices
QuRP-RPGR-S-2310Vindya ShettyTuesday21 November 2023Quantum Research ParkCurrent-voltage characteristics of nanographene and titanium dioxide (TiO2) heterostructure
QuRP-RPGR-S-2301VISHWANATH H STuesday21 November 2023Quantum Research ParkHighly Conducting Candle-Soot/Polymer based Composite for Flexible Electronics Applications
QuRP-RPGR-F-2301Dr Roshan CastelinoTuesday21 November 2023Quantum Research ParkMoiré patterns and surface states of MoTe2/graphene heterostructure grown by molecular beam epitaxy
QuRP-RPGR-F-2308Dr. Sreemanta MitraTuesday21 November 2023Quantum Research ParkLight Induced Creation of Second Order Raman Modes in few-layered
QuRP-RPGR-F-2305Dr. Baishali Garai/Presenter ShruthiTuesday21 November 2023Quantum Research ParkInvestigations on HI reduced Graphene Oxide Based FET for Broadband photodetection
QuRP-RPGR-F-2310Dr. S.P. RajuTuesday21 November 2023Quantum Research ParkSynergistic Enhancement of Opto-Electrical Properties through QD-RGO Hybrid Nanomaterials: A Novel Approach to Suppress Intense Charge Carrier Recombination