Day-wise schedule


MONDAY, 20 November, 2023
Registration Opens: 08:00
Welcome Note: 8:50-9:00, Grand Ballroom (GBR)
Session 1A, GBR, Session Chair: Arindam Ghosh
1A-109:00-09:30[Keynote] Ajay Sood
Insights into Quantum Topological Materials using Ultrafast Time Resolved Second Harmonic Generation
1A-209:30-10:00 [Invited] Ajay Soni
Multibody Interactions and Symmetry Breaking Across the Charge Density Wave Transition of Transition Metal Dichalcogenides
1A-310:00-10:15 [Contributed] Medha Dandu
Unveiling the spatial correlations of moiré excitons in WS2/WSe2 through hyperspectral monochromated EELS
1A-410:15-10:30 [Contributed] Sourabh Jain
Excited-state trions: parallels between van der Waals semiconductors and 2D quantum wells
Session 1B, Lalit 1-2, Session Chair: Kausik Majumdar
1B-109:00-09:30 [Invited] Vinod Menon
Strong light-matter interaction in van der Waals materials
1B-209:30-10:00 [Invited] Sajal Dhara
Towards Realization of Non-Hermitian PT-symmetry in Microcavity Exciton-Polaritons
1B-310:00-10:15 [Contributed] Tamaghna Chowdhury
Tensile strain induced brightening of momentum forbidden dark excitons in monolayer WS2
1B-410:15-10:30 [Contributed] Sarthak Das
Electrical control over valley polarization for charge excitonic species
Session 1C, Lalit 3-4, Session Chair: Atindra Nath Pal
1C-109:00-09:30 [Invited] Yoshihiro Iwasa
Nonlinear transport and diode effect in transition metal dichalcogenide superconductors
1C-209:30-10:00 [Invited] Erik Henriksen
Probing graphene with infrared light, and infrared light with graphene
1C-310:00-10:15 [Contributed] Radhika Soni
Planar tunneling in twisted moiré heterostructures
1C-410:15-10:30 [Contributed] Nasir Ali
Quantum Criticality of Ambipolar Metal-Insulator Transitions in Black Phosphorus
Inauguration Ceremony: 10:30-10:45, Grand Ballroom (GBR), Special Invitee- Bharat Ratna Prof. CNR Rao
COFFEE BREAK, 10:30-11:00
Session 2A, GBR, Session Chair: Ashish Arora
2A-111:00-11:30 [Keynote] Young Hee lee
Van Der Waals Layered Magnetic Semiconductors
2A-211:30-12:00 [Invited] Andras KIs
Exciton Manipulation and Transport in 2D Semiconductor Heterostructures
2A-312:00-12:15 [Contributed] Shreya Paul
Stark shift of anisotropic excitons in few-layer ReS2
2A-412:15-12:30 [Contributed] Santosh Kumar
Single photon emitters in monolayer WS2 emitting in the visible spectral range
Session 2B, Lalit 1-2, Session Chair: Debjani Karmakar
2B-111:00-11:30 [Invited] Abhishek K. Singh
Machine Learning Framework for Discovery of Novel Materials
2B-211:30-12:00 [Invited] Hridis Kumar Pal
Effect of nonlocal interlayer hopping in twisted bilayer graphene
2B-312:00-12:15 [Contributed] Debasis Dutta
Intrinsically nonreciprocal bulk plasmons in noncentrosymmetric magnetic heterostructures
2B-412:15-12:30 [Contributed] Pilkyung Moon
Quasicrystalline Resonant States and Geometry of van der Waals Quasicrystals
Session 2C, Lalit 3-4, Session Chair: Adarsh K. V.
2C-111:00-11:30 [Invited] Prasana Kumar Sahoo
Electronic Grade 2D Lateral Heterostructures and Devices
2C-211:30-11:45 [Contributed] Pinaka Pani Tummala
Vapor transport deposition of Transition Metal Tellurides (TMTs) and Ultra-Thin Tellurium nanosheets through Simulation-Guided Tellurization
2C-311:45-12:00 [Contributed] Martin Wilken
Single source precursor pathway towards CVD of MoS2 thin films
2C-412:00-12:15 [Contributed] Naresh Shyaga
Synthesis of Pristine and Nitrogen-Doped Graphene using solid precursors via CVD for SERS application
2C-512:15-12:30 [Contributed] Jean-Pierre Glauber
Exploring gas phase processed tungsten sulfides for gas sensing applications
LUNCH BREAK: 12:30-14:00
Poster session 1, Exhibition Hall
P114:00-15:30 Poster Session
COFFEE BREAK: 15:30-16:00
Session 3A, GBR, Session chair: Anindya Das
3A-116:00-16:30 [Keynote] Andrea Ferrari
Layered materials as a platform for quantum technologies
3A-216:30-17:00 [Invited] Manish Chhowalla
Ultra-clean contacts on 2D semiconductors
3A-317:00-17:15 [Contributed] Debasish Biswasray
Contact resistance for Metal-TMD heterostructures: Ab initio study
3A-417:15-17:30 [Contributed] Bikas C. Das
Multifunctional Memristors Based on Two-Dimensional Layered Materials
Session 3B, Lalit 1-2, Session chair: Vidya Kochat
3B-116:00-16:30 [Invited] Young-Woo Son
Roles of interactions in layered materials
3B-216:30-17:00 [Invited] Johannes Lischner
Electrons, excitons and phonons in moiré materials from atomistic simulations
3B-317:00-17:15 [Contributed] Devarshi Chakrabarty
Exceptional Points in a Non-Hermitian anisotropic exciton-polariton pair system
3B-417:15-17:30 [Contributed] Anuj Kumar Singh
Engineering of excitonic lineshape and valley dynamics in two dimensional semiconductors using low cost strain tuning
Session 3C, Lalit 3-4, Focus session on Startups and Hiring, Session Chair: U. Chandni
3C-116:00-16:20 Manjunath Jyothinagar, KAS Technologies
3C-216:20-16:40 Gayathri HN, Quan2DTechnologies Pvt. Ltd.
3C-316:40-17:00 Deep Talukdar, Cryo Nano
3C-417:00-17:20 Solomon Jones, Terracarb Pvt. Ltd.
3C-517:20-18:00 Networking Session
TUESDAY, 21 November, 2023
Session 4A, GBR, Session Chair: Erik Henriksen
4A-109:00-09:30 [Keynote] Changgu Lee
Electrical characterization of 2D ferromagnetic materials
4A-209:30-10:00 Nil
(Jorge Vallejo-Bustamante's Talk moved to 10C-3 )
4A-310:00-10:15 [Contributed] Aparna Parappurath
Band structure sensitive photoresponse in twisted bilayer graphene proximitized with WSe2
4A-410:15-10:30 [Contributed] Sk Md Obaidulla
Room-temperature photoinduced interlayer exciton emission in atomically thin 2D-transition metal dichalcogenide/Organic van der Waals heterostructure
Session 4B, Lalit 1-2, Session Chair: Bent Weber
4B-109:00-09:30 [Invited] Saptarshi Das
A Graphene-based smart “Electronic Tongue” for highly selective chemi-sensing
4B-209:30-10:00 [Invited] Saurabh Lodha
Few-layer 2D TMD-based photo and strain detectors
4B-310:00-10:15 [Contributed] Pranav
One-step simultaneous liquid phase exfoliation-induced chirality in graphene and their chirality-mediated microRNA delivery
4B-410:15-10:30 [Contributed] Sudarsan Majumder
Ultra-thin chemically derived graphene electrodes for bottom-contacted organic thin-film transistors
Session 4C, Lalit 3-4, Session Chair: Ananth Govind Rajan
4C-109:00-09:30 [Invited] Amit Kumar Agarwal
Intrinsic Hall and longitudinal non-linear charge transport
4C-209:30-10:00 [Invited] Wang Yao
Layertronics and quantum geometric properties in twisted bilayers
4C-310:00-10:15 [Contributed] Debottam Mandal
Dissipationless intrinsic third-order Hall effect
4C-410:15-10:30[Contributed] N. Bijoy
Are devices made with twisted bilayers of MoSe2 stable against sliding?
COFFEE BREAK, 10:30-11:00
Session 5A, GBR, Session Chair: Hridis Pal
5A-111:00-11:30 [Keynote] Priya Mahadevan
Why do twisted bilayers behave differently from their untwisted counterparts?
5A-211:30-12:00 [Invited] Jeil Jung
Atomistic modeling of single and double moire patterned graphene and hexagonal boron nitride multilayer systems
5A-312:00-12:15 [Contributed] Takaaki V. Joya
Shift current response in twisted double bilayer graphene
5A-412:15-12:30 [Contributed] Swastik Sahoo
Straintronics Using the 2D-Xenes Platform
Session 5B, Lalit 1-2, Session Chair: M.M. Shaijumon
5B-111:00-11:30 [Invited] Sandhya Susarla
Atomic scale imaging of excitons in twisted two-dimensional materials
5B-211:30-12:00 [Invited] Goki Eda
Upconversion light emission in plasmonic van der Waals tunnel diodes
5B-312:00-12:15 [Contributed] Navaneeth Krishnan K.
Two-Dimensional MoS2 Photodetector: Role of Grain Boundaries and Optic-Nerve Functionality
5B-412:15-12:30 [Contributed] Pawan Kumar
200 mm Industrial reactor-based monolayer TMDCs growth and defectivity optimization
Session 5C, Lalit 3-4, Focus session on Scientific Publishing, Session Chair: Manish Jain
5C-111:00-11:30[Invited] Mayra Castro
Springer Nature
5C-211:30-12:00[Invited] Hari Dahal
Physical Review Materials (APS)
5C-312:00-12:30[Invited] Thomas Sharp
IOP Publishing
LUNCH BREAK: 12:30-14:00
RPGR International Advisory Board (IAB) meeting, Lalit Board Room, 12:30-1.30 PM
Poster session 2, Exhibition Hall
P214:00-15:30 Poster Session
COFFEE BREAK: 15:30-16:00
Session 6A, GBR, Focus session on Quantum technologies, Session Chair: Manish Chhowalla
6A-116:00-16:30 [Keynote] Klaus Ensslin
Graphene Quantum devices
6A-216:30-17:00 [Invited] Bent Weber
Towards quantum electronics and optoelectronics with individual point defects in 2D semiconductors
6A-317:00-17:30 [Invited] Chandan Kumar Harnessing 2D Van der Waals Materials for Quantum Sensing Technology
Session 6B, Lalit 1-2, Session Chair: Jeil Jung
6B-116:00-16:30 [Invited] Debjani Karmakar
Spin-dynamical magnetism in 2D-Kagome plane of Superconducting AV3Sb5 (A = Cs, Rb, K)
6B-216:30-17:00 [Invited] Madhav Prasad Ghimire
Pressure induced evolution of Fermi surface and de Haas-van Alphen effect in CsV3Sb5
6B-317:00-17:15 [Contributed] Sayan Kanungo
Asymmetric Interlayer Chalcogen Pairing Induced Type 2 Band Alignment and Energy Bandgap Reduction in Two Dimensional Bilayer Janus SnSSe
6B-417:15-17:30 [Contributed] Kanchan Ulman
Excitons and Exciton-Phonon Coupling in Organic-2D material Heterostructures
Session 6C, Lalit 3-4, Session Chair: Kenneth Burch
6C-116:00-16:30 [Invited] Ritesh Agarwal
3D Twistronic Photogalvanic Effect - A New Paradigm of Light-Matter Interaction in a Twisted Coordinate Frame
6C-216:30-17:00 [Invited] U. Chandni
Spin-orbit coupling enhanced valley ordering and orbital magnetism in twisted bilayer graphene
6C-317:00-17:15 [Contributed] Albert F. Rigosi
Using Graphene and 2D Topological Insulators as a Global Standard for Quantum Electrical Units
6C-417:15-17:30 [Contributed] Atindra Nath Pal
Detection of nontrivial topology driven by charge density wave in a layered semi-Dirac metal
Young Researchers’ meet up and networking session, GBR
YRM17:30-18:00 Panelists: Vidya Kochat (IIT Kharagpur), Ashish Arora (IISER Pune), Ananth Govind Rajan (IISc Bangalore)
WEDNESDAY, 22 November, 2023
Session 7A, GBR, Session Chair: Akshay Naik
7A-109:00-09:30 [Keynote] Hyeonsik Cheong
Optical Spectroscopy of Twisted Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Heterostructures
7A-209:30-10:00 [Invited] Akshay Singh
Creating and measuring useful defects in 2D semiconductors
7A-310:00-10:15 [Contributed] Atikur Rahman
Effect of Dielectric Environment on the Optoelectronic Properties of Mixed-Dimensional van der Waals Heterostructures
7A-410:15-10:30 [Contributed] Mayank Chhaperwal
>10 MHz emission rate from monolayer-based single photon emitter array
Session 7B, Lalit 1-2, Session Chair: Alexey Berdyugin
7B-109:00-09:30 [Invited] Denis Bandurin
Teratronics in the flatland: recent advances and novel applications
7B-209:30-10:00 [Invited] Mayank Srivastava
Two-Dimensional Materials: Technological Challenges Ahead
7B-310:00-10:15 [Contributed] Krishna Prasad Maity
Opto-electronic neuromorphic devices based on van der Waals ferroelectric heterostructures
7B-410:15-10:30 [Contributed] Chithra H. Sharma
Addressing the mini-bands in MoS2 moiré superlattices
Session 7C, Lalit 3-4, Session Chair: Bharti Singh
7C-109:00-09:30 [Invited] Adarsh K. V.
Photoexcitation on low dimensional semiconductors and bulk single crystals: A playground for optical properties
7C-209:30-10:00 [Invited] Andrea Capasso
Optimized production techniques for 2D crystal-based technology
7C-310:00-10:15 [Contributed] Ramesh Rajarapu
Phase selective Synthetic 3R phase sword like MoS2
7C-410:15-10:30 [Contributed] Manasi Mandal
Precise Fermi-level engineering in a topological Weyl semimetal via fast ion implantation
COFFEE BREAK, 10:30-11:00
Session 8A, GBR, Session Chair: Priya Mahadevan
8A-111:00-11:30 [Keynote] Stephan Roche
Topological Spin Transport in Quantum Materials and Entanglement
8A-211:30-12:00 [Invited] Mei Yin Chou
Origin of Magic Angles in Twisted Bilayer Graphene: The Magic Ring
8A-312:00-12:30 [Invited] Abir De Sarkar
DFT perspectives on valleytronics and flexible piezo-spintronics in selected functional 2D materials
Session 8B, Lalit 1-2, Session Chair: Tanuja Mohanty
8B-111:00-11:30 [Invited] Anjana Devi
New Chemical Vapor Deposition Approaches to 2D Materials
8B-211:30-12:00 [Invited] Jae-Hyun Lee
Layer-engineered atomic spalling of vdW crystals
8B-312:00-12:15 [Contributed] Manvi Verma
Optical and structural characterization of epitaxially grown monolayer MoS2 on miscut c-Al2O3
8B-412:15-12:30 [Contributed] Daya S. Dhungana
Two Dimensional Silicene-Stanene Heterostructure
Session 8C, Lalit 3-4, Session Chair: Sajal Dhara
8C-111:00-11:30 [Invited] Aveek Bid
Tuning topological bands in graphene
8C-211:30-12:00 [Invited] Alexey Berdyugin
Giant magnetoresistance of Dirac plasma in high-mobility graphene
8C-312:00-12:15 [Contributed] Nitin Kumar
Kondo Resonance in Magnetic Fe Atoms Self-Assembled on Monolayer Stanene
8C-412:15-12:30 [Contributed] Aniket Majumdar
Observation of Klein-Schwinger effect in ultra-high mobility graphene
LUNCH BREAK: 12:30-14:00
Session 9A, GBR, Session Chair: Atikur Rahman
9A-114:00-14:30 [Invited] Ageeth Bol
Advanced atomic layer deposition cycle schemes for large-area synthesis of 2D transition metal dichalcogenides
9A-214:30-15:00 [Invited] M. M. Shaijumon
Engineered 2-D Heterostructures for Electrocatalysis
9A-315:00-15:15 [Contributed] Vijaykumar Murugan
Bandgap engineering of monolayer Mo1-xWxS2 ternary alloys grown by gas-phase CVD
9A-415:15-15:30 [Contributed] H S S Ramakrishna Matte
Solution Processing of Low-dimensional Materials and Applications
Session 9B, Lalit 1-2, Focus session on Diversity in STEM and Academia, Session Chair: Shobhana Narasimhan
9B-114:00-14:45 Interactive workshop on Diversity
9B-214:45-15:30 Panel Discussion: Madhav Prasad Ghimire(Tribhuvan University, Nepal), Arvind Narrain (National Law School of India University), Ranjini Bandyopadhyay (Raman Research Institute)
Session 9C, Lalit 3-4, Session Chair: Denis Bandurin
9C-114:00-14:30 [Invited] Michael Rohlfing
Intra- and inter-layer excitons of two-dimensional semiconductors on substrates and in magnetic fields
9C-214:30-15:00 [Invited] Kausik Majumdar
Van der Waals heterojunctions for quantum device applications
9C-315:00-15:15 [Contributed] V.S. Volkov
Giant optical anisotropy in van der Waals materials
9C-415:15-15:30 [Contributed] Nitesh Singh
Stable and deterministic source of single photons in layered hexagonal boron nitride at room temperature
COFFEE BREAK, 15:30-16:00
Industry session, GBR, Session chair: Rajendra Singh
I-116:00-16:25 [Invited] Deshdeep Sahadev
Quazar Technologies Pvt. Ltd. High-end cost-effective indigenous instruments for two dimensional materials
I-216:25-16:50 [Invited] Syam Parayil Venugopalan
ASML 2D materials at the edge of device scaling engines
I-316:50-18:00 Panel Discussion: Suraj Rengarajan (Applied Materials), N. Sainathan (Tata Steel), Rajeev Gautam (Horiba), Mangesh Kulkarni (Oxford Instruments), Partha Parthasarathy (Micron Technology)
THURSDAY, 23 November, 2023
Session 10A, GBR, Session Chair: Prasana Kumar Sahoo
10A-1 09:00-09:30 [Keynote] Michael Fuhrer
Two-Dimensional Topological Materials for Low-Voltage Transistors
10A-2 09:30-10:00 [Invited] Anindya Das
Electric field tunable superconductivity in near magic-angle twisted bilayer graphene
10A-3 10:00-10:15 [Contributed] Ipsita Das
Magnetic field driven states in magic-angle twisted bilayer graphene
10A-4 10:15-10:30 [Contributed] Ayshi Mukherjee
Magic-angle twisted trilayer graphene: Inhomogeneous twisted superconductor showing competing magnetic order
Session 10B, Lalit 1-2, Session Chair: Manish Jain
10B-1 09:00-09:30 [Invited] Mikito Koshino
Topological moiré trilayers
10B-2 09:30-10:00 [Invited] Ananth Govind Rajan
Computational Modeling of the Synthesis and Applications of Nanoporous 2D Materials
10B-3 10:00-10:15 [Contributed] Sapta Sindhu Paul Chowdhury
Anomalous Phonon Thermal Transport in Germanene Monolayer
10B-4 10:15-10:30 [Contributed] Shinjan Mandal
Electron-phonon interactions in twisted bilayer Graphene
Session 10C, Lalit 3-4, Focus session on Academia-Industry Translation, Session Chair: Mayank Shrivastava
10C-1 09:00-09:30 [Invited] Barbaros Oezyilmaz
2D Amorphous Materials and their Properties: From Ultra-Low k Dielectrics to Ferromagnetism in Co doped 2D NbSe2
10C-2 09:30-10:00 [Invited] Aravind Vijayaraghavan
Graphene Technologies - from Lab to Market
10C-3 10:00-10:30 [Invited] Jorge Vallejo-Bustamante
Singular orbital diamagnetism and paramagnetism in graphene
(Moved from 4A-2)
COFFEE BREAK, 10:30-11:00
Session 11A, GBR, Session Chair: Aveek Bid
11A-111:00-11:30 [Keynote] Mandar M Deshmukh
Superconducting van der Waals devices for quantum technology
11A-2 11:30-12:00 [Invited] Ashish Arora
Magneto-optics of neutral and charged excitons in 2D materials: low fields versus high fields
11A-3 12:00-12:15 [Contributed] Saisab Bhowmik
Valley polarized malleable bands near half filling in twisted bilayer graphene
11A-4 12:15-12:30 [Contributed] Priya Tiwari
Experimental observation of spin−split energy dispersion in high-mobility single-layer graphene/WSe2 heterostructures
Session 11B, Lalit 1-2, Session Chair:Vishwanath Balakrishnan
11B-1 11:00-11:30 [Invited] Bharti Singh
Progress in PVDF and 2D Layered Materials based Nanocomposites for Energy Harvesting Applications
11B-2 11:30-11:45 [Contributed] Rajeev Mehta
Evaluation of Nano-Reinforced Epoxy Coatings for Enhanced Corrosion Inhibition in Reinforcing Bars in Concrete Structures
11B-3 11:45-12:00 [Contributed] Vidya Kochat
Raman spectroscopic studies of lattice dynamics and electronic structure evolution in twisted bilayer 2D materials
11B-4 12:00-12:15 [Contributed] Siri Chandana Amarakonda
Augmenting the oxidation resistance of two-dimensional MXenes:  A study on the role of antioxidants in aqueous dispersions
11B-5 12:15-12:30 [Contributed] Aparna Rathi
Extremely large osmotic power with arrays of Angstrom scale capillaries of vermiculite
Session 11C, Lalit 3-4, Session Chair: Sreedhara M B
11C-1 11:00-11:30 [Invited] Tomoki Machida
Symmetry engineering and subband electronics using van der Waals assembly of transition metal dichalcogenides
11C-2 11:30-12:00 [Invited] Hongtao Yuan
Symmetry-Breaking-Induced Emergent Non-linear Phenomena at Van der Waals Heterostructures
11C-3 12:00-12:15 [Contributed] A. Mohapatra
Tuneable thermal conductivity of multi-layer graphene: Role of turbostraticity and local curvature
11C-4 12:15-12:30 [Contributed] Sonal Maheshwari
Cost effective route to produce Graphene from pet coke
LUNCH BREAK: 12:30-14:00
Session 12A, GBR, Session Chair: Ageeth Bol
12A-1 14:00-14:30 [Invited] Kenneth S Burch
Detecting Emergent Quasi-particles in 2D Materials
12A-2 14:30-15:00 [Invited] Tanuja Mohanty
Tuning of linear and non-linear optical properties of 2D semiconducting materials
12A-3 15:00-15:15 [Contributed] Sudipta Majumder
Understanding the Origin of High Mobility in Mo Foil Grown Monolayer MoS2 Transistors
12A-4 15:15-15:30 [Contributed] Sreedhara MB
Asymmetric “misfit” layered compounds: Chemical affinity outwits the entropy at high-temperature solid-state reactions
Session 12B, Lalit 1-2, NIL
Session 12C, Lalit 3-4, Session Chair: Chandan Kumar
12C-1 14:00-14:30 [Invited] Viswanath Balakrishnan
Nanomanufacturing, Mechanical Reliability and Stability of 2D Materials
12C-2 14:30-15:00 [Invited] Pramoda Kumar Nayak
CVD synthesis of twisted 2D homo/hetero-bilayers for twistronics
12C-3 15:00-15:15 [Contributed] Isha Atrey
Completely trilayer graphene dispersion provides film of high specific capacitance
12C-4 15:15-15:30 [Contributed] Abdul Kaium Mia
Self-Powered Metal–Semiconductor–Metal 2D WS2 monolayer Photodetector with Asymmetric Contacts
COFFEE BREAK, 15:30-16:00