Host Country India


We invite you to India, where an enchanting blend of cultures, cuisines, natural wonders, and artistic traditions awaits your discovery. This extraordinary land is a mosaic of endless possibilities that will leave you awestruck.

India, sprawling over 1.27 million square miles, ranks as the world’s seventh-largest country. Its vibrant tapestry is woven with the threads of a diverse population of over 1.2 billion people, making it the second-most populous nation globally. On the economic front, India stands as the world’s fourth-largest economy by purchasing power parity, boasting a GDP of $3,360 billion, trailing only behind the United States, China, and Japan.

Embrace the richness of India’s multilingual, multi-religious, and multicultural society. Approximately 80% of its population practices Hinduism, while the remainder follows a mosaic of faiths, including Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism, and Jainism. Hindi serves as the official language, though English finds widespread use in the business arena. The nation’s legal system draws its foundation from the British framework.

This is your golden opportunity to explore India’s opulent culture, diverse history, captivating geography, and the delightful world of Indian cuisine. India is not merely one of the world’s oldest civilizations; it stands as the world’s largest democracy and a shining example of progress among developing nations.

From the ancient kingdoms along the sacred Ganges to the modern state, India seamlessly weaves a unique tapestry across a million square kilometers of breathtaking landscapes.

From welcoming beaches to lush green forests, from arid deserts to towering mountains, India’s natural beauty is unparalleled. Its heritage architecture, including the iconic Taj Mahal, adds to the visual spectacle. The story of India, with its renewed global interest, is beckoning you to explore its wonders and immerse yourself in its incredible narrative.